Management and research

Our services are specifically designed to develop research or give support in the marine environment. Aquaculture, Environmental Management, Cartography and Characterization of communities, Equipment Rental, Environmental Management and Analysis, Systematics and biological laboratory, Laboratory of chemical analysis, Oceanography, Marine ecology, Impact studies and Environmental Surveillance, Training/Education and Outreach plans.

Fisheries and aquaculture

We carry out pre-operational and environmental monitoring studies for fishing projects and aquaculture cages, for determination of environmental impact on different biological communities (fish stocks, infauna, seagrasses, etc.).

Equipment for rent

You may rent many of our measuring equipment,as well as subcontract our technical staff. Our boat, RORCUAL, is also available for our customers.

Cartography and communities characterization

CIMA owns underwater recording equipment for monitoring and surface communication systems by means of which clients can directly observe real-time filming, as well as communicate with divers.

Environmental management and analysis

We provide assistance in maritime-coastal resources management to meet, promote and update the establishment of a legal framework that integrates the sustainable development of resources.

Systematics and biological laboratory

CIMA´s technical means allows identification of biological samples of marine environment (individuals, tissues, etc.)that allows their use as indicators of the marina coastal environmental quality.

Chemical analysis laboratory

In our premises, we have an INDROPS, laboratory with the necessary equipment and instruments required for the determination of marine environmental parameters.



Within the oceanographic fieldwe carry out studies ofmarine hydrodynamics andcurrents, dispersion spills models and studies of the distribution of pollutants in the marine realm.


Marine ecology

CIMA carries out seabed characterizations (faunal and vegetal analysis, and environmental parameters) that can be used as community descriptors in spatio-temporal and for developing suitable tools for sustainable managementand conservation.


Impact studies and environmental monitoring plans

We coordinate and carry out environmental projects and studies for industries, construction companies and public administrations

Training/Education and Outreach

We organize and coordinate scientific conferences and congresses.