Servicio de formación y divulgación

We organize and coordinate scientific conferences and congresses.

We organize courses focused on the acquisition of knowledge to marine biologists into the working world, environmental education and specialization courses.


Specialization courses cover different fields, from sampling and multivariate statistics designing to the development of environmental monitoring plans for a high range of marine activities, e.g. ports, pipelines, desalination plants, aquaculture cages, etc. The main aim is to provide the student with a series of guidelines for environmental solutions search that will be raised throughout his professional life and which constitute an indispensable complement to the knowledge acquired during his university studies.



In addition to seminars, courses, etc. we consider pivotal to develop outreach activities. Some projects are carried out with public money so we want people know what do we do in these projects, and understand their importance for authorities and society in general.

We realize that poorly understood things are often mishandled and not taken care of. Thus we want to contribute our bit to better understanding of the environment, its dynamics, dangers, etc. for the society.


For this we have several projects in mind. Among them, we want to highlight the recently inaugurated «Things we do in CIMA».

«Things we do in CIMA»


«Things we do in CIMA» is a scientific dissemination and communication project that consists of a series of small videos that will help us to explain what we do and how we do it in the company. All to approach the world of Marine Biology and Oceanography.

This project was presented, in March 2018 in Seville, in the seventh edition of one of the most prestigious national internet scientific dissemination conferences: Ciencia en Redes. In October 2018 it was presented, also internationally, in the sixth edition of the SciComPT Congress | 2018. Finally, this two years old project, «Things we do in CIMA» was presented in theVII Science Social Communication Congress, in Burgos.