Servicio de Oceanografía


Within the oceanographic field we carry out studies of marine hydrodynamics and currents, dispersion spills models and studies of the distribution of pollutants in the marine realm.

Also, we have software for these studies and develop sampling protocols according to client’s needs.

• Coastal dynamics studies:

We have hydroacoustic current meter and current profilers as well as software for coastal modeling of currents and dispersion models.


• Water quality studies:

We have multiparametric probes capable for recording oceanographic parameters i.e. temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, chlorophyll and turbidity, used for the determination of coastal waters quality.

We have a CTD that provides continuous data of temperature, depth, conductivity, pH, turbidity and chlorophyll in the water column up to 300m depth and thus allows to obtain oceanographic profiles for determination of vertical structure of water masses.


• Oceanographic and buoyancy buoys:

Among our services we offer installation of oceanographic and buoyancy buoys with 8 sensors for data acquisition and real time communication system with the customer, that can check any sensor at any time, as well as information regarding the state of the buoy, its position, etc.