From CIMA (Centro de Investigaciones Medioambientales del Atlántico, S.L.) (Atlantic Environmental Research Center), we want to show you what we do in and out our offices.

On this page you can find a series of small videos called «Things we do in CIMA», which will help us to explain what we do and how we do it. All this to approach the world of marine biology and oceanography.

– «Things we do in CIMA» #20: Education:

In a previous video we talked about the dissemination activity we carry out.

Today we will talk about another task that, sometimes, goes hand in hand with science dissemination: education.

In addition to educational tasks that accompanies divulgative projects such as “Things we do in CIMA” or the articles we share in our blog (in Spanish), we carry out specific education actions and projects. For example, we organize and coordinate scientific conferences and congresses.

On the other hand, we organize courses focused on the acquisition of knowledge to biologists into the working world, environmental education and specialization courses.

We collaborate teaching at the Marine Biology Master’s Degree: Biodiversity and Conservation, as well as in the 3rd Degree of Civil Engineering: Supply and Sanitation Systems II, both of them from La Laguna University (ULL).

Specialization courses cover different fields, from sampling and multivariate statistics designing to the development of environmental monitoring plans for a high range of marine activities, e.g. ports, pipelines, desalination plants, aquaculture cages, etc. The main aim is to provide the student with a series of guidelines for environmental solutions search that will be raised throughout his professional life and which constitute an indispensable complement to the knowledge acquired during his university studies.

We also design, provide content and collaborate in the edition of some good environmental practices guides, especially in professional fishing ambit.

Currently we also develop teaching resources related to artisanal fishing, the coastal and marine environment knowledge or environmental awareness for all ages.


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